About Us

Welcome, everyone, to Books and Beverages Podcast! We are Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange (CMLE) and we love to read and talk about books! This is our book group podcast, where we discuss different genres of books each week, while we sit in our comfy chairs and drink our genre-related beverages. And you are, of course, an important part of this book group. If you do not already have a nice beverage grab one before you start listening, so you can join the experience of our book group.

This is a very inclusive book group. There are no “right” or “wrong” books to read and chat about for our book group. We love books, and want to talk about them – and we want you to share your books. All of us will take away at least a title or two that we want to read at the end of our time together!

Books, beverages, and libraries. What could be better? Join us for discussion today!